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      The Silver Mermaids idea is to inspire beauty through pieces that speak to women. Pieces that make them feel beautiful and most importantly, individual. As individuals, we are all powerful and strong in our own way. The Silver Mermaids pieces all carry their own personalities and styles, combining to make a collaborative diversity.  The pendants and beads are from all over the globe, creating one of a kind pieces.


      If I'm really counting, The Silver Mermaids beginnings started 30 years ago. Growing up, my parents always nurtured a sense of expressive creativity. Both of my parents are artists and have made a livelihood doing what they both were passionate about. My dad is a timber framer/woodworker and builds beautiful homes, He has a respect for those craftsman who came before him and how they built much by hand. He has dismantled and remade many old barns into people's homes. As a young girl, I remember him in his workshop cutting wood frames out by hand and carefully measuring and planning every cut. Then on the day he put the large pieces together to build the home, everything fit perfectly and precisely. My mother is a self taught calligrapher and very gifted. Her beautiful pieces grace the walls of my home with many of my favorite quotes. Friends often get lost in the beauty of the pieces and then in the actual individual letters and can't believe its done by hand.  In later years, she told me she started lettering as a creative outlet while mothering little children. it has since become a source of income for her. My parents always encouraged us to be part of their creative process. I became very interested in beading, as many girls are at a young age, and when I was no older than 10, my dad found a jewelry store that would let me sell my simple little necklaces. The place was called Leon Ness Barn jewelry store and the ladies were lovely and sold antique jewelry.                                                                                                       

      Fast forward through grade school, where I would make jewelry and sell a piece to a supportive auntie, grandmother, etc., here and there. But by high school, cooking had grabbed my fancy and overshadowed the jewelry making bug. I married young and started having my own children. I made some jewelry after my first two children and started selling some of it at local art shows, etc. It was for the same reason my mom had told me she picked up calligraphy. A creative outlet while mothering. Then in 2012 I became pregnant with our 3rd child and she was born in August of 2013. After our daughter was born, she was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita or AMC. Her diagnosis scared me for my daughter's future and threw me in a tailspin of protective depression, fear, and guilt. Depressed for what she would have to face, fear she would suffer with something I couldn't change and guilt it was something I could have prevented as a mother.  Our families life forever changed: doctors appointments, therapy three times a week, new ways of eating, explaining, etc. However through pain and suffering grows beauty and inspiration. It may take awhile to find the road again, but it reappears. And it doesn't all become clear or easy, and the road can get overshadowed again, but it makes your stronger.  And its almost as if God lifts a curtain and shows you the secret magic people don't always get to see. I started creating again and I felt more alive and inspired than ever. My creativity is more courageous, daring, and risky than it ever has been and i believe  we all continue to morph with time and experience. I've seen it in both my parents, and I now see it in myself. Each of my children has had a real and different impact on my creativity and my husband pushes me when it's time to jump. Jumping is his thing, not mine. 

     The Silver Mermaids is named after my mother. My auntie(another great artist), calls her The Silver Mermaid because at the beach, my mom's silvery grey hair turns curly and wild and she becomes our Silver Mermaid. She is in her element at the beach, and has transferred that same inward pull to me and my own mermaid child with curly hair, Georgia Rae. My jewelry was made for beach beauties and mermaids and I want it to encourage women to be wild and free, like the sea. 

The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, mysterious, wild, and free.